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  1. Azaad releases music video for "Chalo"

    Category: His Music/Videos

    ... at one of Toronto City Parks, under a blanket of snow (R.I.P.).  No foul play was suspected.  His disappearance and death, both are still a mystery to us." Baby cousin, this is for you! - Azaad Play ... Sunday, 02 September 2012
  2. Kia Hua - Dedicated to all lovers.

    Category: News/Latest

    Dedicated to all lovers. This track is written and performed by Azaad based on his true life experiences. Enjoy! To download, visit 'music' section.  ... Thursday, 06 October 2011
  3. Biography

    Category: About Him/Article

    If you haven’t heard Azaad then you don’t know what you’re missing.  Talk about getting the best of both worlds.  Born in South Asia and raised in Canada with a strong South Asian influence, his music ... Friday, 22 January 2010
  4. An Artist, A Song Writer.

    Category: About Him/Article

      Showcasing a unique blend of Eastern rhythms and Western beats, Azaad is an artist you can’t ignore.  His music, full of South Asian influence with a touch of main stream, connects with music-lovers ... Sunday, 27 December 2009
  5. Latest Song ''Sun Mahiya!'

    Category: News/Latest

    Under pre-production now is a new song, 'Sun Mahiya!’  Listen to it on the homepage in the background reel.  This song carries a very different beat from Azaad's usual work.  It is impossible for a song ... Saturday, 07 July 2007

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