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If you haven’t heard Azaad then you don’t know what you’re missing.  Talk about getting the best of both worlds.  Born in South Asia azaadkhanand raised in Canada with a strong South Asian influence, his music really brings harmony to Eastern and Western cultures. His special blend of music “hits the cord” with South Asians around the globe.


Azaad was brought up in a family where singing was not permitted.  After seeing his passion and natural talent his family allowed him to sing patriotic songs until he become a teenager.  They later recognized his talent and gave him permission to perform in family events.  He took this opportunity to polish his talent and produce truly unique pieces by writing his own songs.


Upon moving to Toronto he continued his love for music and participated in many high school events that allowed him to showcase his singing.  It wasn’t too long after, that he went from entertaining a small high school audience to performing for a crowd of thousands, marking the debut of his on stage career.  After several years of performing cover songs and earning the recognition and respect from his audiences, he stopped doing live shows to pursue a special music project comprised of his own songs.


Today, Azaad is recognized as a singer, song writer and stage performer.  He is a member of SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada).  His goal is to share his inspirations through his art.  Some things can not be explained, they can only be experienced, and Azaad’s unique music is one of them.


Azaad is ready to show the world what he's all about but the question is...are YOU?